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Published: 15/09/2020

AlienX’s Gaming Network loves nothing more than to meet new people who share the same interests as us.

Thankfully we have located Mind1, a great Twitch streamer that really cares about his followers and actively plays games with his community. Mind1 not only plays games with his followers nearly every day, but also performs live DJ sessions twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday nights).

AGN are happy to be part of his community and you should come by and check him out by clicking on his logo below.

The Rust League
Published: 14/09/2020

AlienX’s Gaming Network are participating in a Rust Leage!

Mind1 is hosting a Rust League and AGN are participating, however that does not mean you cannot join either!

You can find the server connection details in the bottom right of the page. Simply click the green arrow to join and come throw some C4, shoot some rockets and get those kills along side or against us in the worlds most toxic game!

A New Look
Published: 11/01/2016

AlienX’s Gaming Network has a new website – welcome!

While still a work in progress, we very much hope that, in the next few weeks, this site will become the first port of call for all AGN users. The site will complement the already popular forums and provide up-to-date information on all AGN servers and events.

To connect to us, click the little green arrow next to Teamspeak. Watch this space for more updates very soon!

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